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Satisfy Your Senses

Tempered Addiction

Tempered Addiction


1.5 oz snacking bars: perfect for keeping in your car, your purse, hidden in your cupboard for late at night when the mini humans have finally fallen asleep. 


2.5 oz tablets: they're adorable, and they break up into perfect pieces for the ultimate shareable snack


3.5 oz fullsize bars: to share or not to share... no one is judging you


Midnight Rush: 67% dark chocolate, dulce de leche caramelized white chocolate swirls, flaky smoked sea salt, organic espresso beans, organic ocoa nibs, pearl sugar


Blush Botanicals: 56% dark chocolate, ruby chocolate swirls, pink peppercorns, dried raspberry, rose petals, pearl sugar


Comin'up Nuts: 56% dark chocolate, peanut butter dark chocolate mousse, lava black salt


Level Up: 67% dark chocolate, caramelized dulce de leche swirls, granola, toasted almonds, tart cherries, dried bananas, smoked salt


MatchAdo: Matcha chocolate, ruby chocolate swirls, candied ginger, tart cherries


Banoffee: Dark chocolate, cinnamon honeycomb, toasted candied pecans, dried bananas, lava flaked salt


Kulfi: Dark chocolate, toasted pistachios, rose petals, cardamom, candied ginger, smoked salt, pearl sugar


Melba: 67% dark chocolate, maple granola, freeze dried peaches, raspberries, candied ginger, lava smoked salt, pearl sugar


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