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Snacking Chocolate

Snacking Chocolate


A variety of flavors & textures depending on my mood. 6 oz bag.


Kulfi: dark chocolate, cardamom, rose, pearl sugar, smoked salt, toasted pistachios, candied ginger

Banoffee: dark chocolate, banana, cinnamon toffee, spiced pecans

Blush Botanicals: ruby chocolate, pink peppercorn, raspberries, rose hips, rose petals, pearl sugar

Chili Kiss: dark chocolate, salemme pepper, sichuan peppercorn, star anise, candied ginger, pearl sugar, smoked salt

Morning Hype: milk chocolate, espresso beans, smoked salt

Midnight Rush: dark chocolate, espresso beans, smoked salt, pearl sugar

Level Up: dark chocolate, toasted almonds, tart cherries, maple granola, bananas, peanut butter

MatchAdo: swirled matcha, cherries, hazelnuts, 



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