We started at the bottom, now we here!

Well family, it’s been a hard slog, but we’ve been making progress down at the shop as we continue our build out and renovations of our new home.

With the holidays just around the corner we’ve taken a quick break to re-center, visit with family, and recharge for the coming new year.

If you’ve been following our progress, thank you! Thank you for your belief, your support, and most of all your patience.

As the year comes to a close, we’ve decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help carry us through the final steps of our build out and help us launch. You can find the link to our campaign here:

Your donations mean the world to us, and enable us to continue this project and get our treats to you faster. Please take a moment and check out our campaign. Every little bit helps.

Check out our video about Mint & Mischief here:

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