Kids Home... Need Cake

I've blown through all the cider, I'm eating all the cake, and I've had to hide the gummies from myself before I inhale them all. The other day I cut half the hair off my daughters head while laughing manically. (At least it wasn't my own this time!) I want to run out... like run away... outside... but I don't have a face mask. I literally rolled out of bed the other day and then walked in circles in my family room like a psycho before I caught my husband staring at me looking at me like I was our dog chasing his tail, and wondering if I'd actually lost it. So instead I turn the music up and thrash around my living room like a whirling cyclone, head banging and shaking my hips like a cheap Shakira till I collapse in a gale of hearty laughter, or tears, or both while my kids are yelling at the top of their lungs for me to swing them by their feet, and the dogs are yapping every two breaths while also managing to scratch the shit out me (they have serious FOMO and NEED to be all up in my business if I'm moving faster than 1 mph within the house).

In other news.... I started a texting stream with many of my various social circles. Friends from the east coast, friends from the west coast, friends abroad, friends from school, friends from past work places, family, all of my closest girlfriends... the list goes on and on... and thus.... my phone now pings incessantly all hours of the day as we grieve, laugh, share stories, and discuss. We talk about our frustrations, our fears, our hopes, our routines (or lack of them), what we think the world will look like at the end of this. We bear each others burdens so that we may all stay sane & afloat. To be honest... it's not all bad. There are a ton of silver linings to what is going on. I adore spending more time with my family & my husband. I love catching up with old friends & family that schedules never matched up. I've started working out again, which is hard, and discouraging, but makes me feel amazing afterwards. I've been baking & cooking up a storm, reading, sleeping (ok.. maybe not so well at night, but naps mid afternoon are a plus...), I binge watched Black Sails. We planted seeds, we've done art, my kids are loving their new homeschool programs that I signed them up for, and I've launched home delivery service for desserts and baked goods.

Which brings me to here... I've been baking... ok.. I've been baking since way before this started obviously... but now I've got a semi-captive audience with a lot of time on their hands. So I've decided to share. I'll be posting recipes & experiments that I'm working on whenever I remember (Many of which will probably be ridiculous requests from my minis) So stay tuned. Things are probably gonna get weird, but hey... at least you'll come out with something delicious in the end.

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