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So This is Happening...

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Ramblings of an Unkempt Mother

Tiffany Stone Entremets

Starting a Business with Kids in Tow

What was I thinking?!

I can do this.. I can do this..

But really... What was I thinking?!

Starting a business is daunting to say the least. Yet with everything on my plate, feeling like all I'm doing is spinning in circles, I've never been more excited. Terrified, (yes absolutely, I think that's a healthy response) but hopeful, and full of visions of possibilities. Now here I am... having published an incomplete website by mistake and for the life of me.. I can't figure out how to take it down. So.. Here we go. #Letsgetmischievous

Let's Get Mischievous


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