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Confinement shouldn't make life a chore, let's make meals an experience to look forward to. 

Now offering delivery in the Hood River & surrounding area!

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Holidaze Offerings:

Chocolate truffles 

Hot Cocoa Bombs 

Snacking Chocolate 


S'more Kits

& more!

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Custom Cakes & Desserts

Dessert Spreads

Private Chef

Meal planning and Pantry Stocking

Fridge & Pantry Organization

Private Culinary Instruction & Demos

Wine, Beer & Cocktails

Consultations & Pairing

Japanese Whet Stone Sharpening



As a hospitality professional with over a decade in various aspects of my industry. ​It is my pleasure to be a well rounded resource at your disposal.

Currently Accepting Custom Orders 

Subscription services are currently on hold. 

Saturday Curbside

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Items rotate on availability 

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Pre-ordering required!

Always Available

Garlic Peanuts

Kefir Lime & Chili Cashews

Saffron & Rose Water Kettle Corn

Snacking Chocolates

  • Dark Chocolate, pistachio, candied ginger, rose, & cardamom, cherrywood smoked Jacobsen sea salt, pearl sugar

  • Matcha Vanilla swirl, dried cherries, rose petals

  • Dark Chocolate, Post Canyon Coffee Roasters whole beans, pearl sugar, cherrywood smoked Jacobsen sea salt

  • Milk Chocolate, Post Canyon Coffee Roasters whole beans, pearl sugar, cherrywood smoked Jacobsen sea salt

  • Ruby Chocolate, freeze dried raspberries, rose petals, pink peppercorn, pearl sugar

  • White Chocolate, freeze dried mandarins, salemme chili flakes, candied ginger, ground cherries, calendula

  • Dark Chocolate, freeze dried banana, toasted candied pecans, classic toffee, pearl sugar, cherrywood smoked Jaobsen sea salt

Savory Tarts: Family Size $35ea

Mushroom & Chevre or Seasonal

Ala Cart Delivery Now Available

Wednesday - Saturday

Hi Everyone, 

Firstly, I want to express my appreciation for all of your kind words, and ongoing support! I adore being able to bring you guys great delicious treats to help get you through the week. With all of the ala cart orders coming in regularly, I've decided to update our current ala cart ordering options.


Moving forward I'll be creating a more streamlined and curated ala cart menu which will be available for delivery between Tuesday- Saturday. I am offering delivery throughout the Gorge, but please keep in mind any orders across the bridge or over twenty minutes away will incur a minimum $5 delivery fee.

I highly encourage you to follow me on instagram @mint_and_mischief to see my most current availability for seasonal and awesome treats! For anyone placing ala cart orders, please keep in mind that all of your orders are being made fresh daily, and certain orders require a few days turn around.Once I receive your orders I will email you to discuss day of delivery and any specifications that you'd like me to abide by. (allergens, specific door, cooler, text notifications, etc.) 


Ala cart orders are made to order, please allow for appropriate turn around time. If you need items by a specific date, please email me first to discuss your needs to ensure that I am able to fulfill your expectations and needs!

As always, I love serving you and look forward to bringing a slice of my joy to your table.

Live Deliciously