Corona Virus Happenings

Unprecedented times lay before us as the covid -19 pandemic continues. 


Right now your sanity's being tested and your community needs your help. It's important to remember to not only care for your family, but also yourself. I'm thankful that cooking for me has always been a joyful experience, but I recognize this may not be the case for everyone else. 

Cooking shouldn't be a weight on your shoulders as well. So Mint & Mischief has decided that opening up on a regular basis for local delivery could be a great help to those feeling burdened by the extra time needed to satiate stressed & bored tummies.


Mint & Mischief will be operating out of the Broder Ost restaurant Wednesday- Saturday.

I feel that by focusing on a delivery based service helps to eliminate the unnecessary need of face to face contact, and intrusion on safe social distancing practices. This is so that both my own and your family can be protected to the best of our ability while still providing this service. Thank you for understanding!

As of now the hotel is locked down to the public with only the skeleton crew granting access to the space, and other than delivery drivers who drop our orders, there is zero outside interaction. This enables us to limit exposure, while also maintaining a  safe & sterile environment.  

Hey Lovely Supporters,

I'd like to introduce myself. I (Regina) typically am the sole executor of the many moving parts behind all that is Mint & Mischief, but with all the craziness I have recruited my husband Chad to tag team in and give our lives some stability & direction, while also providing what I consider an essential service to our community.


I am currently in the process of building a brick and mortar location down town but in the mean time I have decided to work out of Broder Ost.  As many know, Broder Ost has shuttered its' doors in the face of this pandemic, and has graciously allowed us to continue using their space singularly for the time being.  I have always prided myself on attention to cleanliness and worked well above the standard guidelines of ODA sanitation and cleaning practices but now as we emerge from our own isolation & re-enter the workspace, we have elevated our practices to maintain and ensure that our space and your goods are as safe as possible with updated news and safety procedures about the Corona virus coming in every day.  


Sanitizing is nearing fanatical status with all surfaces including but not limited to small equipment, contact surfaces. and doors handles given attention several times through out the work day, especially upon entry and exiting of the restaurant space & building.  Luckily we have zero foot traffic throughout the Broder Ost space. In addition, the hotel itself is currently maintaining a strict lock down so there is no space that is open to the public that is attached to our kitchen and thus affords us the luxury of creating a safe haven to work out of. You can rest easy knowing that other than my family (and the skeleton crew which maintains the outer hotel area) the kitchen is literally locked down every day. 


Mostly, I'd like you to take comfort in knowing that we are doing our best to keep both our community & ourselves safe, while also providing you with some ease of mind and delicious treats. I'll be updating our services regularly with new offerings, and look forward to cooking for you.


All products delivered locally are done so by myself, and will continue moving forward for those of you who choose to utilize my service. I am more than happy to deliver to a place of convenience whether your front side or back porch even the garage to limit face-to-face interaction and will happily text you when your order is fulfilled.

All food that is made for you is only ever touched by myself or my husband.

Stay safe, stay home & gift yourself some sweet respite,

Regina & Chad