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Community Through Cooking

Passion - Creativity -Playfulness

Built on the premise of creating community through the way we approach food, I look to create offerings that will help you slow down, enjoy the moment, indulge, and rejuvenate.

My name is Regina (Ra-hee-nah, funny enough though, I've always been known as Reg on the east coast where I hail from, but if you've met me out here, I've come to be known as Reggie.) Honestly, you could probably just yell "Arrrgh!" like a pirate and I'd likely respond as long as I'm not zoning out, or sleeping with my eyes open.


I'm a restaurant addict, for real. I've been obsessed with restaurants since I first saw a waiter make caesar salad table side. I was hooked ever since.

I've been known to break into song & dance without reason. I'm generally curious, and like to learn new things. I adore art, music, and every once in a while, a solid trashy romance novel or the newest YA craze. I guess you could call me a bookworm. I am a collector of crystals. (I'm actually insane about crystals... If you like crystals, we should be friends!) I'm an adventure seeker though it's harder now to be spontaneous. I'm a stressed out mother to two crazy unique & weird tiny humans as well as two hilarious fur babies, and married to one exceptional dude, who we all refer to as Chad the rad dad. We met in culinary school (where I so graciously offered to help him through his baking course - he denies this to this day, and insists I was just in his way). If you want some serious knee slapping entertainment all you have to do is put us in a kitchen together and ask us a simple question on how to do something. We laugh and dance together almost every day, and he let's met get my way most of the time (probably too much) so I feel like he's a keeper.


I feel strongly about connecting with nature, and making sure our planet is a place our children will want to inherit, so I made it one of my business' core values to try and cut down as much single use plastic in my operation as possible, as well as game-planning for a majority usage of healthy power sources in my shoppe like a completely electrical driven kitchen & hopefully later solar. 

Anyway, I appreciate you stopping by and supporting my small business. It's terrifying chasing your dreams, so your support & ongoing belief mean the world to me. Thank you. 

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