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Creatively Focused Bake Shoppe
Artistically inspired offerings to satisfy both sweet & savory cravings

Meryenda Every Day

Whether you're just taking a breather, sitting down for Meryenda, or relaxing into Fika, cultures around the world recognize the value of pausing & refueling mid-day. Built on the premise of creating community through the way we approach food, I look to create offerings that encourage you to slow down, enjoy the moment, indulge, and rejuvenate.


Mint & Mischief is a joyfully artistic approach to both culinary & confectionery experiences, with a focus on global influences while showcasing local products. My creations have a decidedly nature inspired, whimsically modern, bohemian air. Utilizing high quality and organic ingredients whenever possible, many offerings showcase a blend of ayurvedic & holistic influences as well. For me, it's not about the size of the plate, but the quality. I believe that you should be able to both indulge & rejuvenate!

Live Deliciously.


Currently Only Accepting Return Clients
Creativity - Passion - Playfulness
Botanically Inspired 
"Regina's cake was amazing. Ben & I couldn't have been happier, the only problem is that I'm not eating any right now!"

Haley & Ben

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